Saturday, January 15, 2005

Audio DVD Creator

Audio DVD Creator is a revolutionary tool that changes the way you listen to your favorite music. You can create DVD disc compiled from normal Audio CDs and MP3 files, and play it on any DVD player since it's DVD-Video compliant. You can choose the audio format from high quality (up to 6 hours PCM 48kHz/16bits) or high quantity (up to 45 hours AC3 192kbps).

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I did a small test with this software and it looks great. What I did is put 3 directories with mp3's in the tool, set some theme and hit the create button. Converting the mp3 audio to AC3 2.0 192kbps, adding menu's for each directory (album) and a top level menu. I noticed that the maximum number of songs shown on the album menu is 10, but the rest of the songs are there, just let it play after number 10 or use your remote control to skip to them. Using the AC3 audio setting is good enough if your source is mp3, but if you want to convert your CD collection to DVD you should realy use the PCM audio setting. The default for PCM is 48KHz/16bits, but you can even set it as high as 96KHz/24bits! Pay attention that you probably need an amplifier and/or dvd player that can handle such high sample rates. The settings for AC3 range from 2.0ch at 96kbps to 5.1ch at 640bkps.

Site link: Audio DVD Creator