Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Denon intros RF-capable universal remote system

"Logitech Harmony universal remotes not good enough for you? Home Theater Master doesn't quite match your AV receiver? You're in luck, because yesterday Denon announced a high-end universal remote with the same sort of PC programmability as those clickers. With the purchase of a special base station, Denon's remote can use radio frequency (RF) to control components through walls and around the house. Both ship in August 2007.

The RC-7000CI ($299 list) itself does seem a lot like the Home Theater master units (like the MX-800), with a monochrome LCD screen and device-centric design, as opposed to Harmony's activity-centric scheme. Denon's press release claims its USB-connected PC programmability incorporates one of the world's largest remote control code databases, but as with any universal remote, the design and ease of programming is paramount. We'll wait to see how Denon's software stacks up against Harmony's."

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