Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I installed the Apple iPhone SDK

So, yesterday I installed the Apple iPhone SDK. Kind of strange to do that, because I only have an iPod Classic at the moment :). But thinking of getting an iPod Touch or wait until Apple and some telecom company will finally start selling the iPhone in The Netherlands. But I like programming, so I just had to install the SDK. First tried the sample application of course, running in the Aspen iPhone Simulator. Wow, that's a very cool simulator!

And now for the hard part: learn Objective C and get to know the SDK. Since I have not yet created anything ever for OSX, I guess I have a lot to learn. I do have C and C++ knowledge, so that should be a good start. But a first quick look at objective C, most part looks like C, but also some 'strange' [[ ]] stuff. Have to find a good book explaining the basic language rules.

Then after learning all that stuff, find some ideas to make into nice applications, tools and/or games. Things I saw during the iPhone SDK event were very impressive, makes me feel the way I felt when programming for MSX long time ago (in the 80s) :-). I made some great stuff on the MSX back then (if I may say so myself).

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