Saturday, March 22, 2008

My browser is better than yours...

Come on now, this has to stop already! Now the browser 'war' starts again. Because Apple is now offering Safari 3.1 on Windows through its 'Apple Software Update', people are getting mad.

Why is this a problem when Apple (or whoever) uses their auto update to distribute software. Microsoft does this all the time: SilverLight, DreamScene, soon Internet Explorer 8. Yes sure these are 'part' of Windows and they it's ok ? Microsoft has been pushing the world for years to use Internet Explorer. I think it's time someone else starts showing people there is an other way to surf the internet. Mozilla should do the same thing: if you have Thunderbird, use auto update to 'push' Firefox and vice-versa. Isn't Safari part of iTunes anyway already, for use within the iTunes store?

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