Saturday, April 12, 2008

Couch Surfer 0.3 Released writes:
Good news. Brandon has just released Couch Surfer 0.3. Just in time for us to relax and surf the net on our big screen TV getting ready for the weekend.

Here are some new features of Couch Surfer 0.3

* accelerated scrolling holds up and downi
* improved Bookmark support now with support for adding current page
* History support
* Back menu
* USB keyboard support for text entry dialogs.

The best part is that once Couch Surfer 0.3 is installed, USB keyboard feature is available to all other plugins.

Thanks again, Brandon. You da man!

If you have NitoTV installed and the previous version of Couch Surfer, you can upgrade through the NitoTV install software menu. After installation the AppleTV menu will be restarted automatically. What I noticed is that I lost my bookmarks. The Bookmarks.plist file is still in the /Users/frontrow/Documents directory, so maybe the layout changed. Will have to check this to see what happend there.

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