Wednesday, November 04, 2009

AppleTV 3.0 installed with patchstick applied

Yesterday I installed the 3.0 upgrade for AppleTV. After that I used the patchstick I used last time, containing SoftwareMenu frappliance. Unfortunately SoftwareMenu does not work yet on 3.0. But ssh is available again, so installing NitoTV, XBMC and Boxee was straight forward. To install XBMC and Boxee I needed to install Launcher first. Installing XBMC and Boxee via Launcher somehow doesn't work for me so I copied the apps to AppleTV and then created a symbolic link:

ln -s /Users/frontrow/Applications/ /Applications/

So far everything works and the new AppleTV interface looks nice again, it's sort of a mix of the 1.0 and 2.0 GUI.

Sadly, AppleTV still does not support renting/buying movies and tv show in The Netherlands and a lot of other countries all over the world...

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