Sunday, December 12, 2010

WatchTREK XBMC Add-on now available through a repository (YaarFX)

Repository created for WatchTREK XBMC addon, now allows for automatic updates of the addon.

The Star Trek episodes are not hosted by me, but on the site mentioned. This script just does some website scraping to make the episodes viewable in XBMC. Give it a few seconds for an episode to start.

Check out the repository here at YaarFX

To add the YaarFX repository to your XBMC install, first download zip archive located at

Then go to XBMC / System / Add-ons / Install from zip file. Browse to the location where you downloaded the YaarFX zip file and click OK. The repository should now be available under XBMC / System / Add-ons / Get Add-ons / YaarFX Add-on Repository. From there you can install the WatchTREK add-on. If in the future updates are made to this XBMC add-on, you will see a notification in the XBMC Add-ons menu and will be able to update by simply choosing the Update option there.

In the future I will add new add-ons to the YaarFX repository.

The wiki at helped a lot on getting this to work, especially the automatic updates part.


kary said...

Thank you very much for this. One problem I'm having is that I don't get any audio from the episodes. Audio works everywhere else in XBMC for movies, tv shows, etc. I'm installing on another system now to see if its an isolated incident. Either way, thanks.

JohnathanMorlock said...

Hey awesome job on this add-on!

I was able to download the ZIP and import into XBMC.

I can now see the listings on all of the series available... just one problem... when I select an episode to watch.... nothing happens.

Other than 'Enter' does anything else have to be done in order to watch the episodes?

Awesome job,