Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beginner Builds Theater for $8K

"When some people want a home theater, they pick up a phone. Kevin Johnson picked up his tools. About 18 months later, he had a home theater.

Sure it may seem like a long time, especially in this “I-want-it-now” world, but Johnson has a day job, so he could only do work on nights and weekends.

It all started with a trip to a friend’s house—isn’t that always the way? Johnson was instantly bit by the theater bug. “I pushed the wife on this subject for a week or so before I went ahead and ordered our first projector [a Sanyo PLV-Z2],” Johnson says.

After discussing a few locations with his wife, Johnson decided to use one of the six bedrooms in their home. It wasn’t too tough a decision. The walk-in closet was a perfect spot for equipment, and it was the only bedroom not attached to a bathroom (although how cool would that be?). It was actually “the only room she was comfortable losing,” he says."

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