Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Virtu-Al VESI & PowerGUI PowerPack

As you can see from the screen shot on the left, this is a first attempt at providing most of my scripts in one PowerPack and adding to the already great management that VESI and PowerGUI give you.

So what do I need to do to install this ?
  1. Install PowerShell V1 or V2 (if you do not already have these installed) V2 Recommended
  2. Install PowerCLI
  3. Install VESI or PowerGUI (VESI Recommended for Virtualization management)
  4. If you have PowerGUI installed you will need to add the ‘VMware Infrastructure Management’ PowerPack which can be downloaded from here.
  5. Click the download button at the top of this post to download my latest PowerPack, and rate the PowerPack while you are there if you like !
  6. Import the PowerPack into VESI or PowerGUI

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