Saturday, December 04, 2010

WatchTREK add-on for XBMC (watch Star Trek episodes)

XBMC Video add-on for WatchTREK (

The Star Trek episodes are not hosted by me, but on the site mentioned. This script just does some website scraping to make the episodes viewable in XBMC. Give it a few seconds for an episode to start.

download link

Update 0.3
Changed the way of packing the addon to a zip file, it seems that newer versions of XBMC Dharma do not allow more than one directory in the root of the zip, also files are not allowed in the root. Just the directory name naming the plugin should be in the root. Now on version 0.3, the previous version did not work with the 'install from zip file' XBMC option. (how to package / zip / distribute xbmc addons).

Please help me test this add-on, I did not have the time to test all Star Trek episodes (28 seasons!) yet. This means that the script could have some errors still, the episodes I tested play just fine. Sometimes it might happen that you will see a 20 second video displaying a notice that the episode has been watched too many times. Unfortunately I have no influence on this, as the Star Trek episodes are not hosted by me but on a third party website.

Tested on XBMC Dharma RC2 (SVN-35567)

Please leave your comments on what you think about this XBMC add-on and also please inform me of episodes that might not work so I can make some improvements to the script. Thanks !

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